4 Position SILAR Coating System with Air-tight Chamber & Magnetic Stirrer

An air-tight chamber with a front observation window. The unit provides inlet and outlet valves for inert gas purging. This helps to protect samples from moisture or oxygen exposure at the end of the coating process. It provides four separate platforms to place coating solutions each with magnetic stirrer. User can also control the speed of the magnetic stirrer for each beaker independently by using the knobs on the front panel of the controller.

In this technique, the thin film is deposited on glass substrate following a chemical technique called successive ion layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR). The technique involves multiple dipping of the substrate in a given solution and deionized water, the temperature of both can vary from case to case.


Power Input

208-240VAC, 50/ 60Hz

Air Tight Chamber

  • Provision of inlet and outlet valves for gas purging
  • Chamber size: 640L x 475W x 575H mm


Stepper motor

Drive Mechanism

Lead screw

Dip Duration

0 - 99 seconds / minutes / hours

Speed Control

Drawing speed adjustable from a digital panel from 2 microns/sec  to 9000 micron/sec ( Max.)

Number of Dips

1 - 999

Stirrer Speed

  • 0 - 999 rpm
  • Independent speed control over 4 working positions

Stroke length Max.

100 mm

Control Unit

Speed and mode control via LED display 


One year limited with lifetime support

Dimension Drawing


Net Weight


Shipping Weight & Dimension

300 lbs,    40"Lx40"Wx40"H

Key parameters

l  DC 500W+RF 300W

l  Dual magnetron sputtering head

l  Double film thickness monitor

l  With molecular pump set, 5E-3Pa

l  Two sets of mass flow meters

l  Rotating heating sample stage

l  Equipped with water cooler, air compressor


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