Plasma Sputtering Coater and evaporation coater with Vacuum Pump, Gold Target

AME-SPC-16C is a compact DC magnetron sputtering and evaporation coater with a adjustable controller. It can DC sputtering coat metallic materials and evaporation carbon onto the sample with the diameter up to 50 mm

DC Magnetron Sputtering &evaporation coater
Model No. AME-SPC-16C
Target diameter Φ50mm
Sample stage Φ50mm
Chamber dimension Φ160*110mm
Vacuum degree 4×10-1mbar-2×10-2mbar
Maxi working current 50mA
Maxi Time setting 9999s
Maxi voltage 1600VDC, adjustable
Vacuum pump Two stage rotary vacuum pump
Working voltage AC220V  50Hz


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