Heat Calendering Machine

It mainly consists of 2 heating roller, motor gear driving system, frame.

Technical Parameters:

1. Rated voltage/power:220v/2.6kw.

2. Pressure roller size: Φ150mm×W300mm.

3. The roll surface hardness: HRC62.

4. Cylindrical roller degree: ≤±0.005mm.

5. Effective gap: 0-1.5 mm (adjustable).

6. Working speed: stepless speed, line speed 0-1.5 m/min (adjustable).

7. The working width: 0– 300mm.

8. The roll surface quenching depth: 5mm.

9. Net weight: approx 320kg.

10. Overall size: approx 1050 (L)×500(W)×1060(H)mm.


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