Silicon-based negative PAA water-based adhesive 290S

An acrylate-based multi-component copolymer with a -C-C- bond as the main chain, and side chains with strong polar side groups such as -COOH and -CN, which endow the adhesive molecules with good dispersibility and excellent adhesion performance. 

It has excellent mechanical stability and can be used in harsh processing conditions such as ball milling to improve dispersion efficiency

The decomposition temperature of It exceeds 280°C and has good thermal stability

It is stable in both the negative electrode reduction environment and the positive electrode oxidation environment of the lithium ion battery electric field

It has excellent storage stability and excellent freeze-thaw resistance

It has excellent adhesion properties and provides good adhesion between electrode materials and between electrode materials and substrates

It has good rate capability and excellent low temperature performance


light green to light yellow viscous liquid

Solid content

10±0.3% (150℃×30min)


≥15000mPa.S (12rpm/25°C, rotational viscometer)


7-9 (pH meter)


no demulsification (grinding, calcium ion and freeze-thaw)

Electrode adhesion

high adhesion (ф3mm column winding)


Can be used directly or after dilution

Can be used alone or with CMC

After the electrode is dried, the electrode should be cooled in the air before rolling.

Before the battery is filled with liquid, it should be fully dried to remove the moisture absorbed by the electrode.


Store at 5~30°C. If it is frozen, it will not affect the use. Thaw it at room temperature and mix it evenly to resume use.

Shelf life 1 year




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