Ketjen black ECP-600JD

A high-performance superconducting carbon black with unique branching and polycrystalline morphology, easy to contact with active material particles, forming an efficient conductive network, which can be achieved with a small amount of addition. Conductivity, effectively reducing the internal resistance of the battery, increasing the battery's rate and battery capacity. In addition, compared with carbon nanotubes, the special advantage is that the metal impurity content is extremely low (<30ppm), which is beneficial to prevent self-discharge and aging of the battery. As a highly efficient conductive agent, it is suitable for the positive and negative materials and electrode aluminum foil surface coating. Especially suitable for consumer batteries, power car batteries, energy storage batteries, super capacitors, etc.
Black powder
Pore volume(DBP)
440-510 ml/100g
 Apparent density
17-50 g/cm3
Particle diameter
200 mesh >98% 325 mesh >80%


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