Infrared heating spray spin coater

VTC-200-4P infrared heating spray spin coater, homogenizer, developer, spin coater, spin coater, spin coater are mainly used for semiconductor process, pattern development and surface coating process during plate making process.

Product number

VTC-200-4P Infrared heating spray spin coater, homogenizer, developer, spinner, spin coater, spin coater

Installation conditions

This equipment is required to be used under an altitude of 1000m or less, with a temperature of 25±15, and a humidity of 55%Rh±10%Rh.

1. Water: The equipment is equipped with water inlets and outlets

2. Electricity: AC220V 50Hz, must be well grounded.

3. Gas: No need

4. Workbench: size 600mm×600mm×700mm, load-bearing above 50kgs

5. Ventilation device: required

main feature

1. The rubber suction cup and magnetic steel sheet template are used to fix the samples. Not only the samples can be taken and placed freely, but also the operation is simple; the size of the rubber suction cup and the magnetic steel sheet template can be customized according to needs.

2. The upper cover of the machine has infrared heating function, which can keep the temperature at a stable value.

3. The upper cover of the machine has 4 sets of nozzles, which can spray the colloid on the surface of the sample in a mist form to make the film more uniform.

4. The motor part, the temperature control part, and the liquid injection part use independent power supplies. The motor speed control system uses a PLC with high anti-interference for control. The numerical display is more intuitive and reliable, and the number of revolutions is adjustable within 100-2000RPM. .

5. The coating machine has two stages when it is working. Before starting, according to actual needs, you can set time 1, speed 1, time 2, and speed 2 respectively. After the setting is completed and started, the coating machine first runs at speed 1 for time 1 to gradually disperse the coating material. When the time of time 1 is over, the coating machine will automatically enter the time of time 2 to run to make the coating material more uniform.

6. The spray spin coater starts quickly and has a stable number of revolutions, which can ensure the uniformity and consistency of the film thickness.

7. In the installation structure, damping measures have been taken to reduce the noise during operation.

8. The cavity is made of polypropylene material, which has a longer service life, improved chemical resistance and excellent stress crack resistance; the body adopts a cast aluminum structure, which is durable and light.

technical parameter

1. Power supply: AC220/110V, 50/60Hz

2. Motor power: power 210W

3. Dual-speed coating function: dual-speed and coating time are set separately. After start-up, it will run at low speed (dip coating liquid), and then automatically switch to high-speed operation (even glue). The speed is stable (±1%), and the coating material is uniform.

Revolution 1: 100-2000 RPM valid

Time 1:1--200s valid

Revolution 2: 100-2000 RPM valid

Time 2: 1--200s valid

4. Suitable for Φ153mm sample coating film.

5. The heating temperature range of the upper cover: 0-100.

6. The ambient temperature is 5-40, the relative humidity is not more than 85%RH, and there is no strong seismic source and corrosive gas influence around the equipment.


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