Split Type Cell for 18650 Cylindrical Battery

It is designed for testing 18650 batteries. Its detachable design allows you to test the cycling behavior as well as structural changes of electrodes easily and quickly. Optional quartz case will allow you to do in-situ Laman or X-ray analysis.

Dimensions (Dia. x Height)

  • I.D. of PTFE Body (liner): 18mm
  • Height of PTFE Body: 65mm
  • I.D. of Quartz Body (liner): 19mm                     
  • Height of PTFE Body: 65mm


  • Caps: Full Stainless steel 304 end caps
  • Body liner: Electrolyte corrosion-proof PTFE liner can withstand temperature up to 250ºC
  • O-ring: Sealed by electrolyte corrosion-proof PTFE O-rings
  • Caps: Full Stainless steel 304 end caps
  • Body liner: Transparent quartz body allows you to perform In-situ Laser Raman Spectroscopy
  • O-ring: Sealed by electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE O-rings

Nylon Sleeve

  • A nylon protective sleeve is included.


  • Easy assembling with only four cap mounting screws
  • Easy to separate for cleaning after the test 
  • Space-saving, compact design allows you put it into the glove box


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