Pneumatic crimping machine for coin cell research

Gas Drive Crimping Machine Is Suitable For Sealing Various Types Of Coin Cells Such As CR2032,CR2025,And CR2016 With Included Die. Other Sizes Can Be Customized According To Request.

1.Gas source: argon, nitrogen gas cylinder, or compressed air
(It is not recommended to use compressed air in the glove box)
2.Exhaust design: Specially designed exhaust port, which can be connected to KF40 and other devices. Air consumption: a single seal consumes about 480ml of air
3.Sealing pressure: manual control valve control, recommended pressure 0.4MPa
4.Sealing stroke: 30mm
5.Sealing mold: standard CR20 series packaging mold, optional or additional specifications
6.Demolition mold: optional or additional specifications such as CR16, CR20, CR24, CR30, etc.
7.Installation size: L220mmW220mmH420mm
8.Approximate weight: 35Kg

It has the function of preventing the battery sealing short circuit.
Structural material: high-strength chromium steel, the surface will never rust after environmentally friendly electroplating and spraying treatment. 


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