Small High and Lower temperature chamber

Small high and low temperature test chamber: light and compact, small body and large volume, small footprint and light weight, 2 sets can be stacked. The equipment with a base area of 0.3㎡ weighs only 55kg, but its internal volume can reach 15.5L. There are twenty styles of products according to the content volume and temperature and humidity range. Meet -70~+150℃, 15.5L~64L temperature and humidity test requirements. Customized operation and program operation setting function The controller has a constant value operation setting that can be used for reliability testing, as well as a programming setting function for temperature and humidity combination alternation for temperature characteristic testing. 

Inner box size (CM) (W310*200H*230D)

Carton size (CM) (W510*H610*D480)
Inner box volume (L) 15L other size are also available
Temperature range -40℃~130℃(100℃){A:0℃ B:-20℃ C:-40℃ D:-60℃ E:-70℃}
Heating time 3℃/min
Cooling time 0.7℃~1℃/min
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ±1.0℃
Temperature deviation ±1.0℃
Internal material 304SUS stainless steel
External material cold-rolled plate sprayed or 304SUS stainless steel 


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